We are strategists who study how brands connect with people.

Our team uses all the usual methods for accomplishing this task (e.g., ethnography, in-depth interviews, online panels, seances, tarot cards, focus groups, etc.).

The conclusions drawn from our studies allow our clients to create more effective strategies for product development, sales, distribution, and advertising.

We conduct our work like a think tank, with our clients—be they brands or agencies—as partners in the process.

Plannerzone’s practice areas include:

    • Consumer Insights
    • Channel Insights
    • Online Research & Panel Studies
    • Product Development Research

Our research is informed by our fascination with ideas, beliefs, and behavior. We devote a lot of time to learning from minds better than our own. Sometimes this carries us into the realm of behavioral models, service design and systems thinking, each a tool that helps us understand the dependencies we observe in our studies.

Plannerzone works with advertising agencies such as R/GA, Digitas, J. Walter Thompson, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Mother, Wieden + Kennedy, and Ogilvy & Mather. Direct corporate clients have included Apple, Proctor & Gamble, Ameriprise Financial Services, Nestle, and 3M.

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We Support Local Business

We have set a corporate goal to devote a portion our time and expertise to supporting local entrepreneurs and innovators. Our goal is to use modern marketing theory to support small businesses in local communities, where 35% of the nation’s population is employed. A thriving local business economy is key to solving the fundamental economic issues our country faces. Plannerzone wants to be part of the solution.