Points of Interest #31

January 20, 2017 

Points of Interest is a weekly recap of ideas and innovations we are following at Plannerzone

Life without the Scottie Dog is no life at all #ImWithHim

Life without the Scottie Dog is no life at all #ImWithHim (Image Via: Bustle)

This week we looked at fast-growing trends among U.S. consumers, whether they be in tablet ownership or the world stuffed-crust pizza (an enviable pairing). We also took a test to see if we have the skills to work as an intelligence analyst for the RAF (spoiler: we do).
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Monopoly as we know it is ending. Hasbro is letting the internet choose between 56 new tokens—including the current set—to pick the eight tokens that will remain. Do your duty for your country, Vote Here.

Pew Research recently shared insights on the adoption of smartphones, broadband, and other connected technologies among American adults. They also provide several fact sheets with great resources to help you stay on top of tech trends.

Image Via: Royal Air Force

(Image Via: Royal Air Force)

You could be a future intelligence officer, if you’re a UK citizen of course. The Royal Air Force is using a new online game called ‘Sound Skills.’ The site delivers different auditory scenarios to create an immersive 3D experience, and test a candidate’s ability to pick out meaningful information from a noisy crowd. It turns out we’ve got the chops to be an intelligence analyst—try to beat our score of 74%.


(Image Via: Bloomberg)

Got Milk Cheese? You could say stuffed crust pizza started it all, and America hasn’t looked back since. While dairy preferences have grown more fragmented, the charm of cheese remains as strong as ever. In fact, it has increased dramatically, especially in the artisan cheese category.



Wikipedia of the Week: The Landlord’s Game
The Landlord’s Game is a board game patented in 1904 by Elizabeth Magie as U.S. Patent 748,626. It is a realty and taxation game, which is considered to be the direct inspiration for the board game Monopoly.