Points of Interest #27

September 9, 2016 


Like a good neighbor… you know the rest. The popular State Farm jingle might be a specimen of a dying breed. Modern advertising agencies are tending to use snippets of pop songs in place of custom-made ditties . Find out how changes in the music industry and the advertising industry have impacted the songs that get stuck in our heads.

In some areas of the country Uber is replacing, and aiding, municipal mass transit systems. This article focuses on pioneer, Altamonte, FL, who piloted a program in January. These rides are subsidized by the government from 20-25% off depending on locale and destination. Other government officials are interested and inquiring how they can use systems like this to reduce public transit issues in their own cities. 

Did you celebrate National Toilet Paper Day 2 weeks ago? Quilted Northern did and Droga5 helped them create mini pop up stores to draw attention to their Amazon subscription sale. 

Soon your online return woes will be over. Amazon acquired a company called Shoeitr, Inc., last year and is developing a previously filed patent that will allow them to recommend more accurate sizing.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see one of Olivia Pope’s gorgeous coats and actually be able to buy it right from your screen? The tech is almost there but is still missing one piece, read more to see what.


hertzoggiesWiki of the Week: Hertzoggie

A Hertzoggie, also known in Afrikaans as a Hertzog Koekie or in English as a Hertzog Cookie, is a jam-filled tartlet or cookie with a coconut topping commonly served on a cup-like pastry base.