Points of Interest #28

September 16, 2016 

Points of Interest is a weekly recap of ideas and innovations we are following at Plannerzone.

Image via Adweek

Something looks different here (Image via Adweek)


Did you know the Energizer bunny started as the Duracell bunny? Find out how that happened and how the bunny intends to keep going and going in today’s marketplace.

AirBnB vs Hotels. Uber vs Taxis. Zenefits vs Brokerages. Firms built on disruptive innovations often face legal opposition from from incumbents in the market. Now it appears that Elon Musk’s auto empire is the latest firm to join this club. Tesla continues to battle the state of Missouri over its ability to sell cars directly to consumers from its own show rooms. The brand claims that other dealerships don’t provide the same level of customer experience because they lack familiarity with electric vehicles.


Kyle Schwartz, a 5th grade teacher, decided to ask his kids to anonymously finish this statement: I wish my teacher knew. After tweeting out some of the results many teachers engaged and it went viral. Maybe we should start an ‘I wish my boss knew’ campaign.

This video takes a look at China’s superapp, WeChat. Users can make transactions on the platform—from ordering dinner, to hiring dog cleaners. And without missing a beat they can chat with their friends, and submit reviews of their transaction, all within the same app. Because of China’s laws the government is  able to access all of the data from the app. Is WeChat super convenient or super dangerous? You be the judge.

They say if you can’t beat em’, join em’. I suppose for AdBlock Plus we’d have modify it slightly: After you beat em’, charge em’. This week Eyeo announced that it would be launching its own advertising exchange. The new platform will distribute inventory through partnerships with Google and other partners, but only if they meet AdBlock’s standards for non-intrusive advertising. The exchange also limits the ability for advertisers to target, and retarget, site visitors. For advertisers it may be worth it, assuming it allows them to reach people who have insulated themselves from other display advertising.

440px-eyelashpermWiki of the week: Eyelash Perm

Eyelash permanent wave, or more commonly called an eyelash perm, and may also refer to permanent relaxer that straightens the hair is a cosmetics procedure performed only by licensed Cosmetologists to flip up eyelashes using hair perming technology.